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    RP601 multifunctional paver adopts multiple advanced technologies like micro-electronic control, ultrasonic sensor, automatic electronic leveling, single vibrator and gas heating, etc. And the key matching components adopt imported products, so it achieves the technical level of similar imported products in product quality and reliability. The paving width ranges from 2.5m to 6m, which can be steplessly adjusted. The ergonomical design makes it simple and convenient to operate and maintain. Thus the product has high performance/price ratio, and it is applicable to the asphalt concrete paving for municipal construction and highways of various grades.

    • Technical features
    Advanced and mature drive technology.
    It adopts advanced mechanical-electrical-hydraulic technology, which represents the development trends of construction machinery industry.
    Full hydraulic drive, electro-hydraulic proportional automatic constant control.
    Unique, mature and reliable XCMG drive axle technology.
    • Reliable and durable material feed/distribution technology
    Full hydraulic drive and electric-hydraulic proportional automatic constant speed control.
    High material distribution capability, Φ360 large diameter mixing blade, 28BH reinforced drive chain.
    The material feed system and distribution system are independent; the supersonic material level sensing control technology enables it to control the material height.
    With high capability of anti-segregation, strong power for material distribution, and high strength structure, it can achieve buried distribution and reduce segregation.
    • Stable and accurate control
    It is equipped with electronic automatic leveling instrument, which can reduce the interference of human factors and effectively improve the levelness of road surface.
    It adopts supersonic material level control technology, featuring high automation level, applicable to the construction requirements of various kinds of road.
    • Screed technology
    The most mature and stable hydraulic telescopic screed.
    The large and rigid telescopic cylinder features high precision and good stability, which ensures excellent paving quality.
    The reasonable telescopic cylinder matches with the sleeve, which makes more accurate screed sliding.
    The 3-point suspension system ensures stable extension/withdrawal of screed, in addition to stepless adjustable vibrating rotation speed, it can meet different work requirements.
    • Performance advantages
    • Excellent configuration
    It adopts Shanghai D4114 diesel engine, featuring low temperature start, energy-saving and environmental care,
    • Powerful drive force
    The travel system adopts high pressure piston pump and double variable displacement motor, featuring good low speed stability, large drive torque, applicable to the requirements of various work conditions.
    The transmission and drive axle of the travel drive system are integrated as one unit; The 2 speed gear special transmission and differential structure features strong drive force and reliable operation.
    • Efficient material feed/distribution
    It adopts chain suspension and anti-block screed technology, which improves the reliability, service life and efficiency of material feed/distribution.
    The spiral blade for material distribution adopts high chromel alloy material, large diameter and thickened design, which improves the distribution capability, heavy load impact resistance ability and wear resistance, in addition to large diameter blade and low speed paving, and reduces segregation.
    • Comfortable to operate
    All the operation switches and monitoring instruments are mounted at the control panel, which is simple to operate.
    The mobile control panel can be installed at left/right side according to the paving conditions for convenient operation.
    The side cover and engine hood is easy to open.
    • Convenient for repair
    There are numbers on all the electric cables, which is convenient to check.
    The reasonably allocated pressure measuring points contributes to quick and convenient inspection.
    The elements that need to be maintained are installed where they are easy to access.

    Basic paving widthm2.5
    Max. paving widthm6
    Max. paving thicknessmm150
    Paving speedm/min0~3.6
    Travel speedkm/h0~11
    Theoretical Productivityt/h300
    Hopper Capacityt13
    Pavement evennessmm/3m3
    Transverse levelling accuracy%±0.03
    Centre crown ratio%0~+3
    Engine modelD4114ZG2B
    Engine powerkW100
    Engine speedr/min2400
    Machine weightt17.4
    Vibrator speedr/min0~1470
    Screed heatingGas  heating
    Auger and conveyor controlAutomatic  Control by Ultrasonic Sensors
    Automatic levelling controlSimulation  control of electronic automatic leveler
    Screed model/475Q
    Type/Single  vibrator+Gas heating
    Extension/Hydraulic+Mechanical  assembly
    Vibrator speedr/min0~1470
    Vibrator amplitudemm4
    Extra-long screedmm625          

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